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An explanation (added exactly year too late about what the blog name means): https://freestylerevolution.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/what-does-converse-with-kurti-mean-anyway/

I’m an engineering student at Columbia University in New York. I also occasionally inflict my writing on the world as a way of sorting the thoughts out in my own head. Recently a friend and I were musing why anyone didn’t tell us how to survive the roller-coaster advice of being a teenager. It’s a moot point whether we would have accepted said advice or not, but I try to capture most of my defining opinions on this blog. I would like to think of it as a way of empathizing with all those other confused souls out there who have inconclusive results of analyzing their own behavior. You are not alone.

I’m from Bangalore, India (Silicon Valley represent). I’ve been influenced by way too many sci-fi movies (and Asimov’s works) in my childhood and have decided to make a career out of it. I’m currently studying Computer Science and Applied Math, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. I’m also a science fiction/linguistics enthusiast with a passion for good literature, anything Star Trek and Indian food. Analyzing how robots are portrayed in popular culture, practicing a machine voice (just to confuse Siri), creating endless lists (self-explanatory), jamming out to melodic dubstep music and maintaining this blog are my favorite ways of procrastinating.

I’m also a part of a student activist group that works to create a safe space for survivors of sexual assault, because that’s something I feel strongly about.

I’ve also decided to integrate the stories that I write into this blog, so as to provide a more complete picture of the alternate dimension that is my mind and all of its oddities. Please strap your seat-belts on before proceeding and thank you for accompanying me on this journey to self-realization.


20 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. I’m enjoying delving into posts at random on your site. I’ve been falling into the trap for a long time of compartmentalising the areas that interest me to write about – must put random funny stuff on random funny stuff blog, must put more serious thoughts on more serious blog and never the twain…

    So in short the fact that you’ve got so many strands here makes me realise that it’s ok for a blog not to be a one trick pony 🙂 Commence blog overhaul phase one…!

  2. Good luck with those finals. If you’re like me, get that killer instinct going and slay them. If you’re more towards the tender-caring (which you may well be), those exams are your best friend, and she’s confused and needs your advice. Take care of her.

    Good luck–looking forward to hearing from you. I’ll leave you with this tantalizer: perhaps there is a profound connection between Asimov’s primary Foundation concept and modern feminism. *”whatever could nav mean?” nav thinks, innocently.* };-)>

    • Nav, I’m apologize for being so awful with my reply, I’ve been on a blog hiatus for a while and I realized I hadn’t replied to your amazing comment. Nevertheless, thank you for the boost (as I’ve obviously survived finals). I promise to make up for my absence by haunting your site.

      P.S: About the Asimov hint, are you talking about how the Foundation was set up to ensure that the galactic future pans out according to Seldon’s psychohistory theory, and eventually devolved to a power struggle? Or else, let me know what you weree thinking. 😀

      • No worries, a_m. I’ve been on a life-induced blogging hiatus, too.

        With regards to “Foundation,” I’m developing a thesis that promises to bridge Christopher Lasch’s book “The Culture of Narcissism” with Edwards Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” I understand that Gibbon’s work was very influential on Asimov and “Foundation.”

        In other words, I may have a conceptual but valid, non-mathematical precursor to psychohistory.

  3. Rats. Forgot to say thank you for your kind follow, Kurti. Very much appreciated. I’m maxed out with mutual follows, unfortunately (so many nice people, here), but I’m always at themirrorbooks@gmail.com if you want to get ahold of me or flag something for my attention.

    Hopefully, I’ll find a way to rectify this.

  4. 1. Never been to India, but would love to.
    2. My youngest will enter civil engineering this fall. Good school, too.
    3. Love ST & Sci Fi.
    4. Will actually reference Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy in the sequel to my current book, even though it’s non-fiction. Quite profound ideas.
    5. My cousin’s finishing his Ph.D. in number theory, and has an eye-watering thesis.
    6. Geometry is the most beautiful expression of math (feel free to disagree).
    7. I used to think this was a mediocre episode of STNG, and now I consider it to be profound: http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/06/star-trek-the-next-generation-rewatch-darmok
    8. I salute you for your work with rape victims. I must disclose that my primary thesis interprets ideological feminism as a subset of the late Christopher Lasch’s book “The Culture of Narcissism.” My sympathy for these victims is sincere and resolute; my rejection of feminist ideology on this and every other topic is similarly sincere and resolute. Feminism is not about equality and rights, despite it purporting to the contrary.
    9. If you haven’t rejected me outright due to #8, you’re always welcome to a free, no-strings attached read of the .pdf of my book. Women test readers really seem to love it, which includes one wonderful lady from India who has a master’s in computer science, if I am not mistaken.

    themirrorbooks@gmail.com if you’re interested. No worries if you aren’t.


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and craft such a lovely response! (I love hearing back from people who read my stuff). Since you’ve pandered to my affection for lists, let me attempt to craft a reply that does it justice.
      1) Congratulations to your youngest! I would also love to hear about your cousin’s thesis and your ideas of geometry. I specialize in Artificial Intelligence (in Computer Science) as well as Applied Math so my interests are a bit diverse at this scale.
      2) I am so SO glad to finally find someone else who is as into Asimov and Star Trek as I am (and I mean a legitimate fan, not just derived from snippets of The Big Bang Theory)
      3) As for #8, I do not reject you at all. If anything, I welcome different opinions on what constitutes the large and vaguely defined/interpreted philosophy of feminism.
      4) Will definitely check your stuff out soon! (Soon = when finals end)

      Once again, thank you for your time and for dropping by! 🙂

  5. I don’t think your crazy
    I’d read your stories
    But I am so lazy
    My poetry is bad
    I won’t get an award
    THAT is so sad!

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