How I’ve changed as a writer and honestly, it’s probably for the best?


Recently my writing efforts were lauded by the super supportive community of writers and readers here. They published my story “They Who Were Wordless” and it was received with many present comments.

The story is quite verbose and long, partly because I fell victim to a common ploy of most sci-fi amateurs: over-explaining things.

I wasn’t sure how to convey enough context while still retaining elements that would make the story readable (a protagonist overcomes a struggle to achieve a goal, etc.) Perhaps this over-explaining helped to carry the heavy context of the story, but in some way I felt I had short-changed myself and my readers in deriving from context.

But more importantly, the version I submitted and the one on my blog is the sixth version. That’s the weird part. Earlier, I was used to sitting down in one session and rushing forth till the story didn’t end. This time, I scratched out so many sketches and versions that I nearly gave up on the story mid-way.

Maybe that’s a good thing? I’ve learned to edit and be more careful with my work and probably set reasonable deadlines (like a story every week or two weeks). Or maybe the earlier creative tornado of thought was a better style? I’m not really sure how to navigate creativity.


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