Parallax of Black Planets

Written by a very dear friend who will not believe that she is an amazing writer as well as a very perspicacious scholar. ❤

mind the cents

This post will discuss how Attipate Krishnaswani Ramanujan’s views of his own cultural heritage were shaped by the “history of images” mentioned in Milton Singer’s Passage to More than India. Inferences will be drawn from Ramanujan’s informal essays and the theme of historical underpinnings in diverse images described by Singer.


In spite of years of exposure to American philosophies and conduct, AK Ramanujan delicately expresses an interconnection with his own cultural genesis in his essay Is There an Indian Way of Thinking? India’s unremitting inspiration enables Ramanujan to organise and sequester his Indian past from signs of ideological antagonisms that could potentially influence the variables needed for his written work. Ramanujan frames rural and urban settings and captures his life with such veridicality, that neither a single memory nor “history of image” would be able to create alone. However, the fleetness in Ramanujan’s descriptions tacitly assumes that the root…

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