Today you may wake up feeling the sun of tomorrow shine on your face. Today you may wake up surrounded by a dense fog of yesterday’s memories. Today you may wake up feeling like you can accomplish anything. Today you may wake up feeling brighter bolder stronger and kinder than yesterday. It may be in the small things, the determination to go to the gym, the determination to finally fold the pile of shapeless clothes that navigates from the bed to the chair and back. It may be in the determination to finally cook something sensible instead of eating out or pre-heating something. Today you may want to take care of yourself. Today you may realize that taking care of yourself is always a worthwhile endeavor.

Today you may realized just how old or just how young you are. They are both equally helpless and overwhelming realizations. Today you may find that you inspire someone, or someone admires you. Today you may recover a lost friendship, a lost cause or a lost item. Today you may lose some other inhibition. Today you will get that promotion, that raise, that date, that perfect well-defined moment in your life which you have been working for. Today you may lose them all, so be careful and do your best knowing that whatever happens beyond your control is by definition something that you couldn’t have changed anyway. Today you have nothing to lose.

Today you are a different person from yesterday, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Because the past and the present are both the sum of all the “Todays” leading to today..


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