Skills I have acquired by living with a room-mate

Disclaimer: My room-mate is my best friend and so I didn’t exactly have to resolve issues of emotional closeness/kleptomania/ boundary value problems (Oops, my partial differential equations are showing) space constraints, etc.

Anyway, here are a few:

1. Mastered the art of sleeping with the lights on. She’s a late night owl. Her schedule goes as follows: Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late-Night. Mine is as follows: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.  We have learned to make do with study lamps.

2. Sometimes my room-mate’s boyfriend comes over just to cuddle, and this may or may not result in him sleeping over. Using all my math and spatial geometry skills in the early hours of the morning, I am able to take an instant inventory of exactly how many arms are poking out under the blanket at any given time. This also determines whether it is time for me to make a hasty exit or not. I had several inhibitions to this at first, even after several assurances that “we’re not going to do anything. Not when we know you’re around”. I have come to derive comfort from this simple fact, as dubious as it sounds.

3. Related to No. 2. I have learned how to disappear without leaving an awkward mess behind or being awkward myself. This involves  nearly telekinetic abilities to manage a heavy door, heavy boots and slippery wooden floors. Go figure.

3. Also related to No. 2. I tend to shower first thing in the morning and upon returning to the room and discovering sleeping guests, I have learned how to cover myself up as quickly as possible while maintaining maximum coverage of existing robe/towel. This includes, besides underwear, three layers of sweaters, skinny jeans and snow-boots in a time span < or = to 30 seconds. Bonus points for managing a dress.

4. As the girl who shunned make-up for most of her life, I am now thoroughly adept at applying it in semi-darkness. Results may vary when I appear in daylight. Or identifying objects in complete darkness. My room-mate accidentally tried to drink from her lava lamp instead of the water bottle nearby.

5. Realizing that having someone at home whom you can come back to after a long day and simply pour out all your feelings and activities is something truly worthwhile. And I’m truly glad that despite everything, I’m living with her.




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