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Dear Readers,

I wanted to share something amazing that’s happened to me today.

Besides posting my general opinions on the world here, I also write a lot of fiction. Some of my stories are published on this brilliant online forum called Shortbread Stories. An almost infinite reserve of amazing stories, this is also a great forum for budding writers to get some objective feedback on their writing.

My works have been mentioned by a top admin blogger of this website (Adam West, author of several intriguing works as well). You can check it out here: Adam West’s Blog › This Week’s Highlights from Adam West | Shortbread.

For those who want to see where the stories go before Shortbread publishes them, here is the link to my stories blog:

Once again, thank you for reading and supporting me. You have no idea how much writing means to me, and I feel great that I am able to share so much through it.


Freestyle Revolution.



2 thoughts on “Recognition: Adam West’s Blog › This Week’s Highlights from Adam West | Shortbread

  1. Reblogged this on Mad Queen's Delirium and commented:
    A very good and talented friend of mine recently got published AND highlighted for her own creative writing!! Her writing usually revolves around the science fiction genre, and are mesmerizing in their development and description. Some of the words the editor used to describe her writing were: “Another thoughtfully observed piece not a million miles shy of Haruki Murakami’s prose style.”

    So I emphatically recommend you check it out!!! She posted the link in this post 🙂

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